Top 10 bd call girls in Dhaka

If you search on Google, you will get thousands of call girl numbers. You will get their profile, not just the number. But the question is there is no way to know which of these call girls provides the best service. Today I am going to share with you the ten best call girl profiles. Who provides real and very good service.

Let’s see which ten bd call girls provide real service.


One of the best service girls among my call girls. If you have taken Asha’s service once, you will want to take it again and again. He understands the client’s needs. He understands how to sexually satisfy a man. I have received my service more than a few times. And he tries to please something new every time.

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The sexiest call girl ever. Tinu is a good choice for you if you want to have sex for a long time. He will never say no to you when it comes to sex. You can spend time with him as a friend. And you can have sex with Tinu as you wish.


Mitu is a different type of girl. Having sex after you meet her is no fun. But if you make friends with Mitu, he will let you go. She is very fair and very sexy. Mitu will be a good choice for you to have sex with a lot of time at the same time. Mitu is a university call girl so she is very polite and humble.


Baby is a college-call girl. This call girl will want to pamper you when you meet her. As beautiful as it looks in the picture, it is more beautiful in reality. The eye catches the eye. It seems to be close and caressing. It is not possible to explain how beautiful the open body looks. The more times you have sex with her, the better it will be. Speaks less but will do whatever you say.


If you want to hang out with a DJ girl, Ruma is the girl for you. Ruma is a city girl. Ruma studies in a private university. You will get deep pleasure by having sex with Ruma.


Toja is a premium call girl. You won’t always find Toja. You must contact Ascot Houses one day in advance to schedule an appointment with Toja. For Toja you need to spend around Rs 30,000 for a short. But if you take his service once, you will want to take it again and again. A gentle and humble girl.

Champa Chakma

If you want to spend time with a Chakma girl then Champa Chakma is for you. She is a university-quality, call girl. So she is a very gentle type of girl. While having sex with him, you will experience pleasure unlike any other. Champa Chakma will provide all kinds of services according to your needs.

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